About us

We believe in a world that redefines femininity and style to suit the lifestyle of a modern woman. Shoes that are comfortable and conscious of their carbon footprint.

What goes inside making a Chal Shoe:

Sourcing materials from our friends who come from the handicraft industry and put their heart and soul into delivering the finest quality. 

At Chal we made a conscious decision to work exclusively with Indian materials suppliers and factories.  We did this to ensure the highest level of quality, ethical working conditions and to minimize our materials’ transportation that impacts the environment.

About the Founder

Malvika Agarwal founded Chal with the intention of creating shoes she couldn't find in the Indian contemporary sector. A vision was conceived to design functionally refined pieces to exist in the space between progressive, contemporary and nonchalant Indian maximalist design. From her first collection for Schonfilt, Agarwal has seen a natural evolution in the way she approaches the whole process, from hand woven and upcycled fabrics to premium & ethically sourced leather, to creating a confident product that is not just quietly refined but also functional.